- display your design in a web browser

Upload your project.

Symu panel

Sign in to your Symu account and upload your designs with the "choose file" button or simply "drag and drop" your files into the panel

Open panel

Photoshop extension

It takes just one click to upload your design to Symu using our plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Symu will automatically recognize the file and update the current project with the new version.


Chrome extension

With our new Chrome extension, you can quickly grab full-length snapshots of live websites, upload files from your hard drive and monitor the activity stream!


Share project.

1 Share group view

Use a shareable link or click the "share project" button to share Group

2 Share project

Share your design from the screen dashboard, just click the share icon on the navigation bar

3 Share selected files

From your main dashboard screen, select which projects you want to share, then click the share icon at the top of your screen

Get Feedback.

1 Comments from clients

Clients can add comments anywhere on a project. You can reply to each comment added by your clients.

2 Workflow automation

With each added comment, status of your project will change to "Needs review". If you add a new version of your design, status will change to "Needs client review".

3 Get notifications

You will be notified about all status changes via email. You can view the history of these status changes in the "Activity" tab.

Upload project versions.

Main dashboard

From your main dashboard, drag and drop the new version of your design or choose "versions" from the context menu

Open panel

Photoshop extension

Our Photoshop plugin allows you to upload the new version of your design and automatically update your current project.


Screen dashboard

From your screen dashboard, drag and drop the new version of your design. The new version will be added automatically

Open panel

Manage your work.

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